Disk Images / Drivers

Here you will find all kinds of images of driver disks, handy software etc.
If you have any disks yourself please send them in to rimmer@xs4all.nl

Brand What Version Floppy Physical disk format Serial / Product Nr. Click to download
Aztec Aztech CDA 268-03I CD-ROM Driver 1.00 Download
Compaq Mouse / Trackball 6.11 Rev. A 720Kb 3.5 133446-01 Download
Digital AMIDiag 5.11F 1.44Mb 3.5 AK-QTDNE-CA Download
Digital AMIDiag Vendor Ext Test 2.04 1.44Mb 3.5 AK-QTDPE-CA Download
Hercules Hercules Graphics Card Test/Diagnostics Download
NCR Mouse Setup 8.20 720Kb 3.5 150-0017520 Download
NCR StarLAN 10 Network ME300T/ME300B NAU Drivers 01.30.16 720Kb 3.5 770-0040393 Download
Oak 1570 VGA Driver   1.2Mb 5.25   Download
Trust Carousel 16 Driver 1.00 Download
Tulip Isolan PC Contr. CSS 720Kb 3.5 72-14261-01 Download